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Will Cuba Ever Have A La Habana Vieja Casino?

Vice in Cuba is closely tied in with the local politics just as much today as it ever has been. Even so, the Caribbean Republic has minimal trouble with gangs and syndicates compared to some American cities like Chicago or Miami. There is no underworld lord or Al Capone and it's likely that there never will be - a few years ago a start-up attempt at forming a crime syndicate was soundly put down by the Cuban government. It's likely that all of this contributes to the very few new casinos that are able to crop up in the Havana area. Fun-seeking Americans will only have a couple of high class, luxury gambling choices in safe areas- for a while, anyway, according to recent news and rumors.

In the Cuban gambling industry, there are only a couple of big, recognizable names. These are of course the Montmartre, the Tropicana and Sans Souci, the handsome outdoor casino. These venues, each separately owned, compete amongst themselves good-naturedly for the business. Gambling can also be found in many of the area's smaller nightlife venues, especially in the more exclusive clubs. To date there has been no La Habana Viejo Casino, but there could be one in the foreseeable future thanks to the many young entrepreneurs making their way in the country.

The time to build new casinos is ripe, as Cuba is still riding the wartime high which pads the pockets of citizens with half a billion dollars per year just from their sugar industry. Prosperous citizens drive Cadillacs and everyone dreams of making it big. Everyone hopes that another economic depression is not on the rise, remembering back in 1942 that the city was paralyzed, causing workers in every form of vice, including gamblers, prostitutes and drug pushers to leave their professions for some type of honest labor simply to stay alive and fed. Residents and visitors have an easier time living in the area now, and plenty of new development may be on the horizon. Will an Old Havana Casino, or La Habana Viejo Casino, ever come to Cuba? Only time will tell, but if it does it's certain to turn a profit.